While I spent time in Shimoni, Kenya I helped the local community health workers, who run the local level of health care in the community, with growth monitoring outreaches where they go into Shimoni as well as surrounding communities and weigh children anywhere from 0 to 3 years old. The objective is to monitor the children’s growth to try to prevent malnutrition from not having enough body weight. My role in this program was to create a mentoring system for the CHW’s to mentor the mothers of underweight children by showing them locally available nutritious foods and vitamins, physical signs of malnutrition, proper breast feeding techniques and sad water usage. The goal is to overtime, help the children by educating the mothers. I was very lucky to photograph these outreaches and I am currently seeking a small grant using these photos to obtain new digital solar powered scales for these growth outreaches as well as for the comprehensive care clinics for HIV patients.