This started everything.

In my second and final year of art school, I started photographing my great grandmother who was living with Dementia. When I was 19 and doing this series I honestly was there for selfish reasons, to cope with seeing this woman who I loved and respected turn into a child. In the heart breaking and humorous ways Dementia can be, I got an entirely different perspective than I expected. I always saw Nana for roughly 30 minutes with my family, and then left. After spending countless hours with them photographing them, it sparked this little interest in this disease which would ultimately transform my life and my career.

I would like to say I am no Dementia expert. The thing that makes me different than just about everyone in the world, even those who study the disease is how I’ve seen so many cultures cope with it. Seeing so many different wonderful and horrific things through this process has ultimately shown me one thing, this is a story that has to be told.

The photos below are a collection of a much larger series, but I can say that my perspective has changed so much about Dementia that the feeling evoked from these photos doesn’t align with what the project represents for me today. The reason this collection is called Waiting is because I sincerely felt that we were just waiting for her to die, which is the grim reality of people coping with this disease.

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