I’m a story teller.

I photograph like as it happens, not life being staged. My style is to observe and capture those special moments that will last a lifetime. My primary focus as a photographer is to share the stories of people I feel are forgotten, but sometimes I take a break and photograph the people I love for them to remember.

Sometimes taking a breath and focusing on the small things in life is a much larger task than photographing disease pandemics or people going through the hardest moments of their life. My subject matter can be a bit heavy, so pointing my camera at natural beauty, or the smile of a baby is my release.

The people I love...

Watching people that mean the world to you reach milestones in their life is such a gift, being the person that captures that is so much more. Though I haven't made a career photographing life's special moments, I am always open to becoming a part of your next big day.

"From our wedding to our Son, Leah has found a way to photographically capture the defining moments of or family. Leah is more than our photographer, she is now part of our strange and eclectic family."

Chris DavidWeb Marketing Master

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