Global Dementia Project

Dementia touches everyone in some way. Either you have a family member with it, you are living with it, or you’re terrified of getting it. This thought is what has changed my life. I am on a journey to tell the story of Global Dementia from all corners of the globes. I’m here to change the global perspective of Dementia through my lense.
Partnering with the pioneers in care oriented organizations mostly based in the UK, I am here to show the world that Dementia is everywhere. From the most rural areas, to urban cities, to people in your community. After photographing and presenting internationally, the future of this project is to focus on how patients cope with refugee crisis, natural disasters, extreme poverty, and other world issues. As the world progresses and innovates medically, Dementia is widely stigmatized and left off of the International health table though it devastates so many. These photographs have been used as presentation aids for the World Health Organization, as well as marketing resources for many International Dementia organizations.
Help me help them.

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