Heidedal Township

Heidedal is a township located in the city of Bloemfontein. I was lucky enough to photograph in a facility as well as in the private home of a patient. Due to the efforts of Alzheimer’s South Africa, there is a quite an awareness of Dementia in this community. There is a facility called Heidedal Service Center that houses people with forms of Dementia, as well as other elderly and even families. Though it is not a pristine building, the staff genuinely cares about the patients. They are hoping to create a Dementia care center to better help the community as well as any other people that cannot afford costly Dementia care.

Also, while we were in Heidedal, we photographed in the home of a woman who cares for her sister. The woman told us how her sister has had Alzheimer’s for some time and she has cared for her on her own. It has been so difficult for her, because she is incontinent and cannot care for herself. She says the rest of her family won’t admit her disease, and avoids her because of the stigma of Dementia. Alzheimer’s South Africa is trying to get the family together to discuss the disease so that they understand it is something not to be afraid of.