Striata Retirement Village, Bloemfontein

I was able to photograph in the Striata Retirement Village that had brick rows of houses with gardens and neat pathways that appeared to be a running track, but was more of a maze for scooters and walkers. There is a main home acting as a community center for those in the houses, and also a frail care center. most people there have quite broken english so i was helped by aN interpreter, petra from alzheimer’s South Africa. There, I photographed some very special patients that had different levels of the disease. One woman nicknamed “spoke” in Afrikaans meaning “little ghost, as young as sixty-five that didn’t know what shoe to put on her foot but knew I had a Nikon. One man, was a professor of theology and while I was there, sitting in a wheelchair and barely moved and never spoke or took his gaze off the floor. On the other hand, I met some patients earlier in the stages of the disease and it was interesting talking with them and their families. It always intrigues me how normal they make their lives, keeping them in a routine and the little things like having their hair done.