About Guatemala

Before arriving to Guatemala,  I contacted ERMITA to see if they would be willing to help me to photograph patients in Guatemala. I received an email in Spanish, that they would be more than happy to help my cause. Though there were some language barriers, the members of this fantastic and innovative group were beyond helpful and were a pleasure to work with. Guatemala is like many developing nations where there are areas that are quite wealthy, and also areas that are extremely poor. Also, like many developing nations the government does not recognize Dementia as a serious disease. ERMITA is not just a Dementia Association, but the countries only resource and support for patients and families. Since they formed in the early 90’s, they have integrated a Dementia specific care giver’s program into the local University, as well as opened a facility that supports families and offers day care services. I was completely blown away at how much work this fantastic group, and its very small but passionate members have achieved and are completely changing how people live with this disease in Guatemala.