Wasini Island, Kenya

While working with Global Vision International in Shimoni, Kenya I built a very special relationship with some community members in mkwiro village, on Wasini Island about a ten minute “dingy” boat ride from Shimoni. This small Muslim fishing village is without running water and electricity. Healthcare is very basic, and before GVI was there, they had no idea what Dementia or Alzheimer’s was. I am not a doctor, so I cannot diagnose a person, but after spending time with people with this particular disease, you know the signs. A very special woman from the UK who had worked with Dementia patients and was very passionate about caring for people with the disease, taught the community health workers, volunteers who run this level of health care, about Dementia and tips for caring for those with it. It just took one person to spread awareness and now this community better understands this disease. These peoples families did not understand what was wrong with them and mostly left them alone in rooms because they feared for them getting lost in the community. Now that they have support from the community health workers, there is a better chance they will have a better quality of life.